Whether visiting your website, using your mobile app, dialing your call center or shopping at your store, customers want a personalized experience. To achieve this, you need to consider the context of the interaction and choose, in real-time, just the right message. RedPoint Interaction Real-Time makes it easy.

Instant personalization

Personalize interactions for both known and anonymous targets. Factor the context of the interaction, as well as what’s already known about the person, into real-time decisions. Make every interaction relevant and engaging.

Easy, centralized control for all channels

With a single, easy-to-use solution, manage personalization decisions across all inbound channels – web, mobile, social, call center, point of sale, and more. Combine rule and machine-learning algorithms for optimal results. Leverage pre-built rule options for common usage scenarios. Or create your own rules, quickly and easily.

Scale to meet any volume

Start small or launch big. Meet any performance demand, no matter what the volume of interactions. Generate lightning-quick responses to meet the needs of the digital age.

Make inbound part of an omnichannel dialog

Coordinate real-time decisions with outbound marketing. Factor responses from campaigns into inbound interactions. Create an omnichannel contact and response history to power ongoing dialogs.

Minimize operational impact

Take advantage of RedPoint’s modern, streamlined architecture to minimize operational cost compared to other real-time decision engines. Reduce the number of marketing applications needing support by using the same platform for inbound and outbound.

The RedPoint Difference

  • Decisions can factor in current context and what’s already known about the person, not just the persona
  • Makes real-time decisions part of a customer engagement effort coordinated across inbound/outbound channels
  • Real-time decisions are made using a combination of user-built rules and machine learning algorithms
  • Pre-built rule options are provided for common usage scenarios; new rules are easily and dynamically added
  • Creates and maintains profiles optimized for real-time using any data – online, offline, structured, unstructured, database, Hadoop
  • Architected to scale to meet the most rigorous performance demands
  • Flexible enough to serve both enterprises and mid-market organizations

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