There are mountains of data available to help your organization make better business decisions. The trick is integrating and transforming that data to make it useful and unlock business value. RedPoint Data Management makes it easy.

Use any data, from any source

Extract, transform and deliver any data – structured or unstructured — to or from any source with market-leading speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Achieve high data quality faster

Cleanse data rapidly – standardizing, geo-coding, matching, linking, and more – while also creating and maintaining persistent keys to ensure quality is maintained over time. Leverage the maturity of RedPoint’s data quality capabilities and experience.

One application for data quality and integration

Avoid the mistakes and inefficiencies of handling data quality and data integration separately – RedPoint’s single, integrated application can do both. Ensure data governance by creating a single point of control.

Increase productivity by automating processes

Get jobs done more quickly by leveraging a graphical user interface, pre-built and custom-built re-usable functions and lights-out automation of even the most complex functions.

Centralize control of your data

Enjoy centralized control over your data projects, including detailed version control and multi-server job distribution and monitoring.

RedPoint Data Management was ranked #1 in an industry analyst survey of customers for processing speed, match quality, ease of use, and customer data management.

The RedPoint Difference

  • Top-rated in user surveys by a leading analyst for match quality, ease of use, and speed
  • Full set of data quality and data integration functions in one product
  • Works on data stored both in traditional databases and in Hadoop
  • Graphical user interface and re-usable macros and procedures make tasks quick and easy

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