In the digital age, effective customer engagement requires powerful capabilities in three key areas: Data, Insight and Action. The RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform is the only product that combines all three in a single, cohesive solution. It empowers you to engage customers and prospects in a continuous dialog on their terms, through channels right for them, using context to increase relevance. And you can do so at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Integrate data to create a multi-dimensional view

Solve the never-ending problems of extracting data from new sources—structured and unstructured—to maintain a multi-dimensional view of each customer. Transform, integrate and link all data to unlock its marketing potential. So you know everything there is to know about your customer.

Develop insight to predict customer behavior

Use identity resolution to create meaningful customer profiles and use analytical intelligence to predict individual preferences and how best to engage with each person.

Take action across channels

Easily design, coordinate and execute personalized customer interactions—both outbound and inbound—across all channels, over time. Use the context of the interaction to increase relevance. Create productive dialogs that increase response, build loyalty, and grow customer lifetime value.

Gain efficiencies, remove obstacles, minimize costs

Automate processes to increase efficiency. Remove the logistical obstacles to customer engagement. Deploy, use and support the RedPoint platform at the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.

The RedPoint Difference

  • The only complete customer engagement platform with capabilities for data, insight and action
  • Serves as a connector to ever-changing data sources and communication channels
  • Faster, easier and more cost-effective to deploy and maintain than any other solution – one quarter the cost of other solutions
  • Can manage and take action on any data (structured or unstructured) and from any source (in databases or in Hadoop)
  • Backed by the RedPoint team, unequalled in delivering customer success and service
  • Flexible enough to serve both enterprises and mid-market organizations

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