Effective customer engagement requires three key capabilities: connected data, in-line analytics and intelligent orchestration. The RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform combines all three capabilities and is designed specifically for Marketers.

Integrate data to create a single view of customer

Solve the never-ending problems of extracting data from new sources—structured and unstructured—to maintain a multi-dimensional view of each customer. Transform, integrate, and link all data to unlock its marketing potential. So you know everything there is to know about your customer.

Leverage analytics in-line to drive engagement

Use real-time insights to engage customers in a contextually relevant manner. Operationalize data utilizing real-time analytics to determine next-best-actions. RedPoint uses advanced analytics paired with machine learning to segment, predict, and optimize customer engagement.

Intelligently orchestrate interactions to optimize engagement

The modern customer experience is all about context, meeting customer expectations. RedPoint aligns message, moment, cadence, offer, device, channel and action in a way that closes the customer expectation-to-experience gap, resulting in higher customer brand affinity, share-of-wallet, and lifetime value.

Integrate all your marketing technologies

RedPoint’s platform is architected to be open—enabling organizations to leverage their existing data, analytic models, and customer engagement technologies as well as take advantage of new technologies as they emerge. The platform provides hundreds of pre-built connectors and a robust SDK for custom integrations if needed. Our technology provides high speed to value and scale, as we provide a range of flexible deployment options including cloud, on premise or a hybrid of cloud/on premise.

The RedPoint Difference

  • The only complete customer engagement platform with capabilities for data, insight, and action
  • Serves as a connector to ever-changing data sources and communication channels
  • Faster, easier and more cost-effective to deploy and maintain than any other solution – one quarter the cost of other solutions
  • Can manage and take action on any data (structured or unstructured) and from any source (in databases or in Hadoop)
  • Backed by the RedPoint team, unequalled in delivering customer success and service
  • Flexible enough to serve both enterprises and mid-market organizations

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