RedPoint bridges the gap between strategy and execution to hyper-personalize your customer interactions at the speed of the customer.

Connect All Your Data – RedPoint creates a single view of each customer by aggregating all available data, resolving conflicting identities, and creating unified views. This Golden Record is available across the enterprise to drive personalized interactions.

Determine Next-Best Actions – Using inline analytics and machine learning, RedPoint can automatically micro-segment, predict, and optimize the “next-best actions” to deliver the optimal experience.

Intelligently Orchestrate Your Engagements – RedPoint synchronizes data-driven interactions in real time, delivering highly targeted messages and offers across all your engagement systems: digital, mobile, email, IoT devices, call centers, direct mail, and in-store POS.

Unlike walled garden approaches, RedPoint provides a connected, open ecosystem so getting started is simple and fast. Leverage your existing MarTech and legacy system investments while taking advantage of new innovations in the future, including Internet of Things (IoT) and AdTech advances. With a range of flexible cloud deployment options, RedPoint enables you to increase revenue and decrease the cost of interaction.

Digital Transformation

Customer Engagement Hub

Ensure a highly relevant brand experience at every touchpoint

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Cross-Channel Marketing

Customer Interaction Platform

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences at the right time, across any device or touchpoint

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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

Leverage a cross-functional view of the customer

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Real-Time Marketing

Convergent Marketing Platform

Take customer engagement to the next level

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