With its vibrant, welcoming, intuitive user interface, RedPoint Interaction is simply the most usable tool in its class.

  • When segmenting your customers or prospects, available data are presented in the language of the marketer – not the database professional.
  • Careful layering of functionality ensures that complexity is only revealed when necessary. Navigation between strata is performed at the speed of thought.
  • An emphasis on the sharing of centralized system assets and a template-driven approach to building campaigns mean that you consistently ensure excellence as the norm and constantly observe external regulatory constraints.

Much more than a simple campaign, an interaction allows you to build step-by-step workflows to communicate across multiple channels (be they traditional conduits like email, direct mail or SMS, emerging social channels or specialized media such as transpromo).

  • Initiate and control activity using Play, Pause and Stop. Execute in Test mode and fine-tune dynamically before running in Production. And observe results in real time, responding interactively and immediately to targets’ behaviors – whether via online activity or received transactional data.
  • Bind the worlds of strategy and execution into a seamless whole. RedPoint Interaction dovetails precisely with RedPoint Planning.
  • Utilize the suite of tools at your disposal to build a library of re-usable offer content. Create and personalize digital asset templates using familiar WYSIWYG editors, or, if you prefer, import externally-authored collateral. Then use dynamic, rule-based content substitution to make sure that correct recipients receive pertinent messages relevant to their particular needs.
  • Feel secure in letting RedPoint Interaction’s resilient lights-out engine take care of execution, alerting you only when matters require your attention.

RedPoint Interaction features advanced Digital Asset and Offer Designers that allow you to build and re-use a library of content suitable for delivery across a variety of channels.

  • Create text and HTML assets using native rich text editors, or upload externally-authored collateral, then personalize as required using your own palette of data attributes.
  • Upload images into RedPoint Interaction's digital asset library, and apply tags to make searching for relevant content a breeze.
  • Use RedPoint Interaction's advanced dynamic digital assets to precisely tailor image and textual content to the recipient's requirements, maximizing the likelihood of a positive response.
  • Assemble offers – collections of collateral that facilitate the dissemination of your messages across multiple channels – and include them directly in interaction workflows to insure the delivery of the correct message to the correct person using the correct medium at the correct time.
  • Make sure that corporate standards are adhered to by the re-use of boilerplate text and approved imagery across all your communications.

RedPoint Interaction is the first marketing automation solution to actively embrace workplace collaboration, using patterns familiar to the social generation.

  • Get your people communicating with Pulses – short messages that are broadcast directly by users to their peers. System-created objects can be attached directly to pulses, hastening the in situ resolution of challenges by expert users.
  • Ensure that best practice learnings, otherwise drowned in a sea of email, are harvested, nurtured and made available to all. The RedPoint Interaction Wiki serves a central pool for your organization’s organic knowledge.

Underpinning everything is RedPoint’s exclusive application framework, architected for the enterprise from the start.

  • Rely on the RedPoint Interaction framework to provide all of the features to be expected in an application of gravitas – from a central file repository, with full version history and rollback, searching and meta-tagging, through a flexible permissions model that limits user access as required and comprehensive auditing that constantly monitors system activity, to real-time alerting, bringing any unexpected occurrences to immediate attention.
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  • Easily customize RedPoint Interaction in many dimensions to suit your particular needs. The comprehensive administration workbench means that RedPoint Interaction is inherently malleable. Once up and running, operational vigilance is maintained through a suite of capabilities that allow system health to be monitored closely.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a system built with outward and upward scalability in mind, using cutting-edge, industry-leading technologies.
  • Reap the rewards of RedPoint Interaction’s inherent extensibility. The unique software development kit embraces and facilitates communication with heterogeneous technologies, allowing RedPoint Interaction to serve as a central hub that leverages your existing technological investments.

Thank you for your interest in RedPoint.

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