Big Data holds huge promise for companies. Now you can access it quickly and cost-effectively. RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop opens up a rich source of unstructured data by enabling mainstream database analysts to access and manipulate data directly within the Hadoop cluster. No need for special programs or specialized programming skills. RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop lets you leverage Big Data with data in your existing traditional databases.

The McKinsey Global Institute calls Big Data the “next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity.” The organization studied Big Data across five domains—healthcare, the public sector, retail, manufacturing, and personal-location data. Its conclusion: Big data offered value in each.

But, despite its promise, Big Data is only marginally tapped. A Q3 2013 Gleanster survey of marketing practices indicated that average organizations analyze only 23% of all the available customer data they have on hand. Why? limitations of existing technologies and lack of education.

This scenario is about to change as companies like RedPoint lead the way in delivering innovative and easier-to-use technologies. RedPoint – in conjunction with key partners, like Hortonworks – is focused on turning the Big Data ‘frontier’ into a day-to-day reality.

One dominant architecture in the Big Data ecosystem -- Hadoop -- holds a rich, largely-untapped trove of Big Data for marketers and other business users: tweets, telemetry, social graph scans, Facebook comments, blogs, geo coordinates, mobile app activity, and more.

RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop provides a way for companies to finally tap into this source of unstructured data in a timely and cost-effective manner. By delivering its top-ranked data management tools on the new Hadoop 2.0 YARN platform, RedPoint is enabling mainstream database analysts and business analysts, who may not have specialized programming skills, to gain access to – and manipulate – data directly within the Hadoop cluster.

While competing ETL and data quality solutions move data into and out of the Hadoop cluster, defeating the inherent value attributed to the scalability of Hadoop, the RedPoint solution performs its processing as a native Hadoop 2.0 YARN application. RedPoint Data Management uniquely runs as a set of high-performance native binary tasks, bypassing the need for MapReduce.

In addition, RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop enables users to map unstructured data stored in Hadoop to existing traditional databases, such as customer records, prospect lists, surveys, transactions and demographics. This enables companies to find answers to complex questions utilizing all data assets across the enterprise and develop more powerful analytic insights.

Additional features of RedPoint Data Management on Hadoop include:

  • A simple graphical design that makes it easy-to-use and enables business and IT users to be significantly more productive in Hadoop.
  • A robust toolset including parsing, standardization, master data management, list management, analytics, and modeling – all in a faster environment.
  • Greater scalability: marketers will be able to gain greater insight from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data more efficiently than ever before.
  • Locality: the analytics processing will now happen inside the super-fast Hadoop environment, making it faster than traditional techniques.
  • Flexibility to handle more data formats, making it even easier to analyze data from disparate sources, including social media.
  • Installs easily on a Linux host with high-speed network connection to a Hadoop 2.0 cluster and a Windows PC/laptop (for client software). The program distributes itself across the Hadoop cluster at run-time using YARN LocalResources.
  • By combining our existing fastest single-node performance with Hadoop’s native scalability, RedPoint delivers faster Hadoop performance.

RedPoint Data Management was one of the first applications certified by Hortonworks. A real end-user application, as opposed to a technical tool requiring a lot of integration, RedPoint Data Management is a true native YARN application, not just a wrapper around MapReduce, HBase or other tool. As a result, it takes full advantage of YARN. For example, by using the “Local Resources” feature of YARN, RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop can dynamically push out its binaries to the Hadoop cluster. That saves users from having to install the software on each node in the cluster. This level of integration makes it easier for users to realize the benefits of YARN and Hadoop 2.0.

The sophisticated data management features RedPoint brings to the Hadoop community include: identity resolution, master key management, data parsing, aggregations, and automations. While these capabilities are available in the traditional data world, they are largely missing from the world of Hadoop.

RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop, is a YARN-based native application. This enables localized processing inside the Hadoop 2.0 YARN architecture, rather than requiring data to be moved out of the Hadoop cluster for analytics processing and manipulation. The solution scales with the size of the Hadoop cluster without coding: no MapReduce, no Pig, no SQL.

Need some help understanding Big Data terminology? Know others who might want to learn more about Big Data but don’t know where to start? Here’s a great resource to download and share. It’s a complimentary white paper – A Deep Dive on Big Data – written by Ian Michiels of Gleanster, an analyst group that reports on technology solutions for business.

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